2 governance models for distributed and decentralized ecosystems



The more I think about distribution and decentralization the more I end up coming back to governance, polling, ownership - where fairness is a big concern.

In regards to “fair” voting, here are two novel approaches that are already being used to good effect:

  1. Quadratic Voting where everyone gets an equal amount of voice credits every set period to use on all kinds of votes (up and down). [some ethereum-based implementations]
  2. Believability-based Voting where a council votes on its own members when making decisions and over time learns who “gets it right” and in what fields.


Yes. “Who gets to decide” and “how are things decided”. And “who knew about / who was consulted” – which is an interesting information transparency piece that is often forgotten.


Just saw this and I think you’ll like it @galki

A Continuous Organization is an organization that sets up a Decentralized Autonomous Trust ( DAT ) and gives it value by funneling part or all of its present or future cash-flows to it.

The Decentralized Autonomous Trust (DAT ) is a specific immutable smart-contract that implements a bonding curve contract with sponsored burning to automatically mint, burn and distribute fully digital security tokens that we call FAIR securities (FAIRs). These FAIRs represent a claim on the future cash-flows handled by the DAT.

It is important to note that the DAT is not the organization; like an irrevocable Trust, it is a contract external to the organization.


Yes I like it! Very relevant to the problems of how to finance a coop startup and these guys have a pretty solution, although NPO-ing the company and handling ownership through a separate trust may have its own tricky problems.

Governance agnostic . FAIRs provide no governance rights. The DAT is immutable and doesn’t enforce any particular type of governance on the organization: it’s BYOG, “Bring Your Own Governance”.

With all these new proposals/algorithms would be nice to create a reference list.


A recent survey about ethereum governance: https://goo.gl/PFfWiW


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