CryptoBeers at Malone's, 5-7pm Tuesday Sept 4th



Casual meetup at Malone’s in honor of @OutlierCanada’s friend Mags @Crypto_Mags being in town.

I know @galki is in town and will be joining us too.

Malone’s is 608 W Pender at Seymour


That was great! Thanks for coming out!

@OutlierCanada thanks for the intro, Mags hopefully joining us with a login here soon.

@galki great to meet IRL. An extended discussion on coops, trust, and more.

@expede happy Newco day :wink:

Olivia needs to be dialing in here soon. Back from an awesome Desolation Sound cruise adventure (where she was cook & staff). Some great new clients soon.

I already added Stripe Atlas here Stripe Atlas - Create a Delaware C Corp or LLC plus bank account in the US

Now I need to make an entry for Clerky which is what @expede & I used to setup.

SquareSpace still recommended for basic self service hosted websites.

Emma’s ADI Summit here in Vancouver Sept 25th

Intros to be made to Cat from BC Blockchain Ecosystem.

I forget what other links I promised to Mags — remind me!