Experimenting with hosting BlockchainYVR on Discourse



Met with @Chisel and Arman yesterday to talk about what’s next for Blockchain for Product Developers aka BlockchainYVR. Here are the collaborative notes https://hackmd.io/zXrPZIIPRee55wDyXmCpiw

We’re going to experiment with using a forum here.

Join the @blockchainyvr group (it’s public with open membership) if you want to be notified of relevant events, and want to create and reply to topics in the #blockchainyvr category.


Here I am (rock you like a hurricane, etc)!

In followup to the meeting I’ll make a public declaration, to the ends of said experiment:

  • I’ll onboard Arman and Alex and get them tagged into the group.
  • I’ll go about bookmarking the forum within a mobile browser – I’m one of those whiny app/dApp folks, but @boris you already explained the workaround.
  • Will start linking people to the main category board here for further involvement on the tech/dev side of the local scene.