Hyperledger TSC Candicacy


Hey y’all!

As you may have seen elsewhere, I am running for election to the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

Two blog posts so far:

The nomination process starts 9th August. Voting from 16th August to 22nd August. Results announced 23rd August.

Wish me luck!


Who gets to vote?

How can we help?


The votes are Hyperledger committers and active working group members. So many of those will be IBM, Intel, Oracle etc employees, or developers at other companies. I am hoping that many of them are secret Ethereum fans :slight_smile:

Probably the most help that people can provide is signal boosting on my Twitter and LinkedIn posts and/or saying nice things about me in enterprise circles. Or just sending positive karma my way!


Ok! Crossing fingers and toes. Will think about useful tweets to inject into the HyperLedger meme space!


The voting starts this Thursday (August 16th) and runs until August 22nd with the results announced on August 23rd.

I will likely do one more blog post, maybe on the day which the voting opens, or maybe the day before (tomorrow morning).

I hope that my nefarious approach of actually having a “campaign”, though that is just blogging and tweeting MORE THAN ZERO will pay off.


OK - so I was unsuccessful, but that is fine.

I think the universe (and @boris!) is telling me that volunteer work is under-valued, and there is a black hole of effort which you can put into that, often with little reward. I need to be less altruistic, know my own market value better, and charge for my time.

So watch out for more “hard to get” Bob, focusing on paid work, and getting my head down and BUIDL-ing!


Ha! Working on getting better at this myself!