IPFS and libp2p Developer Meetings - July 9 - 13th, 2018 - Berlin



The IPFS Developer Meeting (9-11 July) in Berlin will be a small, 3-day working summit for IPFS maintainers, contributors and the people who are most actively engaged in the evolution of IPFS. It will be followed by 2-day libp2p Developer Meeting (12-13 July) specifically focused on libp2p and its users.

Very interesting how they are looking to gather core developers together. This balance of open vs. curated and getting worked done is going to continue to be a pattern.

To be eligible to attend either of the Developer Meetings you must either be an active contributor on GitHub or you must submit information about your work to the IPFS User Registry (more info about this below). Participants will be chosen based their directly-relevant responsibilities, the contributions they’ve made to the ecosystem, and the impact of their work.

If you want to attend either of the developer meetings, fill out the IPFS Developer Meeting Application form, the libp2p Developer Meeting application form or both. If you want to attend both meetings, you should fill out both forms. We will accept applications on a rolling basis. The deadline for applications is May 28th. After that deadline we can’t guarantee that your application will be reviewed.

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