List Opportunities to Learn Blockchain Development in Vancouver or Online



Please restrict this thread to opportunities for technical coding education – learning specific programming languages, cryptography and applied cryptography, smart contract security, etc etc. No intro to blockchain, no blockchain for biz/finance executives, the world is swamped with opportunities to promote those.

As always in community/volunteer-based organization, free or cheap opportunities are appreciated – education can be the great equalizing force, and we desperately need to onboard and highly train as many skilled devs as we can in this space. As in cryptoeconomics, most of our incentives are aligned for this.

A consistent format with the basic details will probably be most useful; I’ll include an example here and fill it out with my own content as the 1st thread reply.

(What, y’all thought I didn’t have an ulterior motive? I’m really excited about the tongue-in-cheek curriculum dev I’m doing around Solidity lol)


Event title:
Link to event page:
Beginning date of course/opportunity:
Duration of course/opportunity:
Due date to apply:
Location (online is okay, just specify):
Cost (if applicable):
Brief (less than 3 sentence) description:
Expected deliverables/skill outcomes:
Contact point for more info:

  • Event title: Solidity BOOTYCamp Meatup (pending approval!)

  • Link to event page: will be posted to as that is its meatspace home; to these BlockchainYVR forums as an update once finalized; and all over cryptotwitter probably.

  • Beginning date: August 27, 2018

  • Duration: 8 weeks

  • Due date to apply: Sift thoroughly through Mastering Ethereum ( and play through at least the first level of CryptoZombies ( by August 27th to be part of this mostly-social pact. If you can’t make it in person to downtown Vancouver that evening (6-8pm), we’ll have a link to beam in actively, or just view.

  • Location: As above-- much of the hands on stuff will be going on in downtown Vancouver, eight Mondays straight, 6-8pm, but we’ll try to beam in some guest commentators, and the overall syllabus can be followed from a distance. The eighth week will be code demos from the projects we’ve each committed to study/work on.

  • Cost: Free as in freedom, and also free as in beer.

  • Brief description:

I’m designing a wild ride of an 8-week social contract to kickstart learning Solidity. It can be done remotely but meeting in person will likely ramp up our commitment. This will be accomplished on the back of some curated courseware and a broad base of contemporary resources - public syllabus forthcoming on August 21st.

  • Expected deliverables/skill outcomes:
    (hmmm how do you indent bullet points in markdown though)
  1. “Proof of Commit” - you will have practiced finagling the more annoying git commands and activities as a group, getting super comfortable with version control, opsec best practices, and the weird multiverse-style tangles that can occur with software forks.
  2. “Proof of Solidity” - like, literally. We’re focusing on Solidity, rolling our sleeves up and diving in with both analysis of existing projects (strong and weak) and a commitment to producing original code ourselves (or at least Frankensteining it, this is not a certified program and we’re going on the trust system ya rascals)
  3. “Proof of Support Network” - by focusing on learn-as-you-build contribution to existing open source communities, we lay the groundwork for hands on growth to continue after we cease this cohort of the meetup. You will be able to designate peers and social coding groups which can be your “go to” resource as you continue coding in the future.

Contact point for more info: is me, frienz -

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I would go ahead and post each as a separate topic — we can make sub categories like BlockchainYVR > Education of there are lots. Or maybe > Announce and just use tags?

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Hahaha perfect. Getting back in the swing of things with MD as I said… Once I saw it autotweet the posting out I kind of got a better sense of how this should all work :slight_smile: Will be getting elbows deep in my github repos this weekend, will move any BlockchainYVR stuff of mine into issues there :slight_smile: