Meet Anthony from ETC Cooperative in Vancouver, Oct 22nd



Anthony @pyskell from ETC Cooperative is coming to Vancouver in late October.

I’m organizing a late lunch / happy hour. Leave a comment if you want an invite.

I already forced invites on @expede & @bobsummerwill :wink:

Update: meeting at Malone’s, 608 W Pender, at 3pm.


Hi @boris would love to get an invite if you still have some. I’ve followed Antony’s work on ETC slack and the ETC forum for some time so would love to have a chat with him in person




Hey Frank – absolutely we’ve got room. Putting it out in public so people can self-invite :slight_smile: Will announce when we’ve got a location – likely a restaurant downtown.


OK, I got a Community Calendar up, so you can find the event and add it to your calendar.

Doesn’t have a location yet, will look at that next week.


Derp just saw the placeholder event, I suppose we don’t offer much for brunch in the basement lol. Would love to join once a spot is locked down, will have to jet to a meeting around 4:30 though. And the offer is open if Anthony feels like stopping by to see DCTRL that eve!


Might be able to swing that, did you have a specific time in mind?


Hey Boris, just wanted to check if the venue had been finalized for tomorrow?


Just updated. Meeting at Malone’s on Pender at 3pm.