Monica - open source personal CRM



I installed it on Heroku (instructions on github) previously, but they also host a single large instance which is free with restricted features, or $5 / month / $45 / year.

Monica is very much a personal CRM – it doesn’t have the concept of Companies, although you could do that with (for example) tags. And it doesn’t have leads / sales / whatever – it’s meant to be about helping you keep up with the humans you interact with.

(from the features page)

I’m one of those crazy people that imports/exports/merges contacts so this might be a good long term spot for my “people” contacts.

I currently use CapsuleCRM but in general am re-evaluating using any non-open-source SaaS tools. More broadly, advantages of maintaining optimized business ops tools that are customized, rather than gluing together a bunch of SaaS apps that everyone else is using too.

Need to dig up the blog post on Stripe’s internal employ portal.