Opolis - Building "Decentralized Employment Organizations"





A trustless protocol allowing individuals to have fully portable, democratically chosen employment & benefits through a decentralized employment organization (DEO).

Being a contractor or sole proprietor or running your own corporation is hard – this flips things around so you can “own” your employee data and move between different “jobs” while having the same employer that you can control, even in different countries of the world.

Self-determined, borderless, fully portable employment & benefits
Working for N companies simultaneously, and receiving one check

They have a Professional Employment Organization (PEO) up and running in the US https://opolis.co/peo/

Payroll, benefits, HR outsourcing services
100% Compliant with State & Federal Labor Laws
25,000+ W2s processed over 15 years
Currently processing payroll & benefits in 23 US states

Including being able to pay in crypto.

Vision is PEOs in multiple countries around the world.

I am going to look into seeing if I can help provide the PEO node for Canada.