Remote Only Manifesto



Lists out a manifesto:

  1. Hiring and working from all over the world instead of from a central location.
  2. Flexible working hours over set working hours.
  3. Writing down and recording knowledge over verbal explanations.
  4. Written down processes over on-the-job training.
  5. Public sharing of information over need-to-know access.
  6. Opening every document to change by anyone over top down control of documents.
  7. Asynchronous communication over synchronous communication.
  8. The results of work over the hours put in.
  9. Formal communication channels over informal communication channels.

While there is sometimes value in the items on the right, we have come to value the items on the left more.

Additionally has many references and tips for success.


I like it. A lot :slight_smile:


I thought you might :slight_smile:

I realize a lot of the things we see as obvious or as part of normal are still bleeding image. Gathering some of this material means I can easily send people a link to the #distributed-team tag or maybe the #swardley tag.

Please add your own!


I like it so much that I just read it again, and forget that I had already read it in June and liked it already.

And was about to reply with how much I liked it.

But fuck it. I LIKE IT A LOT :slight_smile:


I ended up creating the #nomadops as a top level category for things that are broadly related to the concept.