Stripe Atlas - Create a Delaware C Corp or LLC plus bank account in the US



I just went through the process of signing up for Stripe Atlas to create a US LLC. It was a pretty great process. And, apparently we get a US bank account with it as well.

I’m going to be doing further research on #corporate-structure and #incorporation in different parts of the world. Stay tuned!

Note: this link is a referral link which waives fees on payment processing and means you don’t have to wait for access to Stripe Atlas.

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What are the tax implications for Canadians? Lots of conflicting info online.


It depends? Still digging through what this means, plus we have Canadian corporations of our own.


Right. Stripe Atlas sounds like a solution for Canada not having LLCs (single taxation). Wish coops didn’t have a minimum member limit.


What is the minimum member limit? Do you have some links to US & Canadian co-op structures?


In BC its 3, in Japan its 4, in Israel 7 (or 2 if the second member is another coop). Don’t know about the states.


Very interesting. Thank you for the BC link. Do you know of any “sample” co-op documents?

I can probably ask my friends who run the hosting co-op in BC for their documents.


Here’s my bare-bones coop constitution draft. I’d like to see other docs too.