Taking Blockstack Mobile: Announcing Mobile SDK Developer Previews



I was excited by this, but then I dug into the Blockstack mobile roadmap and found this under Phase 2 / Q3 2018:

We’ll have a progressive on-boarding experience where users who encounter Blockstack from a Blockstack app can move from web to native as they are sold on the value of the Blockstack ecosystem.

I don’t think users move from web to native. The largest number of end users will come from native / mobile web.


What are they missing, Boris?

Just a good route to in-app mobile WebViews with all that same functionality?

Or are they saying that you will only be able to do a subset of things within an in-browser application outside of any specific mobile app?


I think we have to be realistic that “in-app webview” is a second class experience on mobile. So — enabling native mobile apps is important.

Specifically I disagree that people engage on desktop web and then move to mobile.

From discovery to download, we need to be looking at native mobile applications if we want the broadest usage.