The Distributed Company - Blair Reeves



One model of a high-productivity firm of the future will be a distributed one, where many or nearly all employees are based in separate towns, cities, states and even countries. This type of firm is able to use technology to most efficiently source talent regardless of location and route tasks throughout the organization, leaving geo-constrained firms at a permanent competitive disadvantage.

I could quote much more of this article. Here’s Blair on Distributed vs Remote:

I find remote is used by teams that have mainly centralized offices with some non-central teams.


Had my first experience working with a remote-first company this past year at Consensys.

One point that really resonated with me in this article:

  1. Just adding new software systems to a “company operating system” won’t always make a company more effective. Company operating systems are composed first of the people and culture. New software augments and enhances existing culture.

Thanks for the share!


Great, glad you found it interesting. I’m trying to collect distributed / nomad-y topics. Please do share anything else you find that’s good.


Distributed as in geographically or ownership-wise?



BTW there is a team here from France called Quidli that is using tokens for equity tracking, and granting equity for work done on a granular scale.


Ok :slight_smile:

Quidli - great to see the awareness spreading. Measuring work is one vital part. There’s also coming to consensus (governance) and dealing with legalities/money (logistics?). Anything else?