TransferWise - Global currency exchange & bank accounts



I recently had to send money to European bank accounts. Europe has had a much more modern system that enables electronic transfers (no cheques!) for a long time. But — you need a European bank to send from.

TransferWise takes care of this, letting you send money electronically too/from many different bank accounts and currencies, at a good exchange rate.

They also now have what they calls a Borderless Account — they’ll create and host an EU, USD, UK, or Australian local bank accounts for you.

Not available in Canada yet, but they’ll also give you a bank card so you can charge to those accounts directly.

Also supports businesses. For both personal and business, you’ll need to go through a full KYC as part of setup.

Options for Business Banking & Company Credit Cards in the US

Our employee in Argentina has this. We successfully sent money to him but had to do it through other means because Transferwise won’t deal with cryptocurrency companies.


Yes. Banking for crypto companies in general is problematic.

I know that Brave uses Uphold for crypto to fiat but I have no idea what the costs are.

I need to do some research on crypto payroll.