Ways to get BorisCoin


Tweet at bmann - https://twitter.com/bmann

Peep at boris - https://peepeth.com/boris

Reply here in this thread asking for some.

Meet Boris in person, and he’ll make you download a wallet and then give you some.

Remember: I’ll need an Ethereum address that can hold tokens in order to hand out BORIS, so paste it in your reply.


I will give you Boris Coin - if you simply agree to met with Boris on a future date (at Revolver). Lol


Here’s proof I met with Tarry AND gave him CryptoKitties.

I’ve been loving Trust wallet and using it to demo to people.


Hi Boris.

If you are a still sharing BorisCoin, I’d like some :slight_smile:

Here is what I think is my Ethereum address:


Talk to you tomorrow.



The BORIS has been sent! Check your wallet.


Got it! Thank you, Boris!


Boris, Are you still giving out BorisCoin? If so, I’d love to get on the train, so I am asking…can you send me some BorisCoin? That would be AWESOME!!


Thanks, Frootis


Yes! Check your wallet, your BORIS should have arrived.